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GGServers offers the cheapest Minecraft hosting around at only $3/GB! I first stumbled upon them when looking on the Minecraft forums. All of the other server hosts were asking for $10/GB which was pretty expensive. I saw GGServers there and knew that it was a great deal. They have all of the great things that you would look for in a Minecraft server host. GGServers prides itself on offering an affordable Minecraft hosting solution to any and all players out there that are looking to run their own server. At $3/GB, our prices are a mere fraction of what the competitors are charging. Although we are extremely affordable, we don't skimp out on performance. We use high quality, enterprise grade hardware paired with a premium network route-optimized for low latency.


 - Multicraft Control Panel
 - Full FTP File Access
 - Unmetered SSD Storage
 - Unmetered 1 Gbps Bandwidth
 - Any JAR Support (FTB, Tekkit, Spigot & Many More)
 - Instant Setup
 - 24/7 Support
 - FREE 30 Days Buycraft Premium
 - FREE 45 Days Enjin Premium

GGServers also offers hosting to a wide area of locations world wide. If you want Minecraft hosting in Europe, no problem GGServers has it covered. West Coast USA, Central USA and East Coast USA are all also covered in terms of location. I personally have my Minecraft server hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada with them. I get great ping, usually around 20-30, as I am located quite close to the servers. I don’t have any lag or any other issues with their servers, however, during peak hour I get a little chat lag (hardly noticeable). The support team at GGServers has been one of the best support teams I’ve had with Minecraft server hosting. They are usually online the live chat but if not you can expect a reply to your ticket within the hour. I don’t usually have to contact them as I don’t really need to, but on the odd occasion that I’ve had to they’ve been great at getting back to me. Overall I’d definitely recommend GGServers to anyone out there looking for an affordable Minecraft server with decent quality. Of course the quality probably isn’t as good as some of the other guys out there charging $20/GB, but at $3/GB you can’t really go wrong and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Shout out to the whole support team they have going there, they are definitely delivering an awesome service.

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The Minecraft Hosting industry is one that is growing at a phenomenal rate following the success of the popular sandbox game Minecraft!

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